Hey 6th graders!!! Do you want to go toFrenchfest: A Fête de Français?!?
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Information about the teachers/tour guides of French fest:
Mrs. Kristine Weiss (French teacher at IKE) and Mrs. Meredith McKeown (French teacher at West) would like to invite your child to their annual French fest at New Berlin West! “Madame” Weiss and “Madame” McKeown love teaching and exciting students about French culture and language! Last spring, the two teachers took a group of students from IKE and West to France for 10 days over spring break! The study trip included a French family stay and 3 days of sightseeing in Paris! They plan to do this trip every two years with their next trip in the planning stages for 2013!

What will your child do at Frenchfest?!?

  • Learn colors and numbers

  • Pick a French name

  • Learn how to meet and greet people

  • Sing French Songs

  • Try a French snack

  • Dance

  • Play Games

  • And much more!

(A fun morning for incoming West and IKE 6th graders at New Berlin West Middle/High School with a “French accent!”)

Quand? (When?): Saturday, February 11th, 2012, 9:30am to 12:00pm

Où? (Where?): New Berlin West Middle School /High School
Lecture Room 140 (just past the cafeteria) - follow the signs when you enter

Qui? (Who?): All New Berlin 6th graders going to West/IKE with New Berlin West and IKE French students and French teacher guides Madame McKeown and Madame Weiss!

Quoi? (What?): What’s it all about?
*Using French, we’ll learn games, songs, and have fun with the French culture

C’est combien? (How much?): It’s for free!!!
*We’ll enjoy an authentic French snack!
*Students will take home “un passeport” as a souvenir to show how much French they’ve learned!

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