Here are links to important resources you should use when writing/studying/learning French!

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Madame McKeown's Wiki (West French teacher)

Why not to use google translate -
Word Reference - The only Online Dictionary you SHOULD use
Verb Conjugator!
The differences between an/annee, jour/journee, matin/matinee, soir/soiree
Duo Lingo -
Rocket Languages -
Email Vocabulary -
Send Online French Greeting Cards - Blog about Imparfait
Recording Your Voice - Website
Mille Merveilles - Great lower level printable activities
Glogster - It's an online scrapbook site
French Music Terms - Many words with how to pronounce them!
Outre-mer - Les actualities des pays Francophones
ina - Les publicities moins de 4 minutes
COMFM - 10.000 radio et 2.000 emissions
Canal Plus - Episodes
Odd Cast - Record yourself in different voices
Music Site, like Pandora, that has French music! - Groove Shark
Template for text message project - ifaketext
Fun games CHEZ MIMI
How to play Mille Bornes -
Great Resource Book - "Les Francais"
IE Languages
Songs and Poems:
French Puncuation
French Books :
Good French Resource -
Online Children Stories -
Online TV series -
Say oui to France

Francais Des Jeunes - Unit on French Young People

Wiki Books with Grammar Info